Organizing Committee Members

Rainer Stange

Rainer Stange

Department of Naturopathy, Immanuel Hospital Berlin, Germany

Sabine Zeitler

Sabine Zeitler

Societas Medicinae Sinensis (International Society for Chinese Medicine), Germany

Mihalis Panagiotidis

Mihalis Panagiotidis

Northumbria University
United Kingdom

Sudhakar Yakkanti

Sudhakar Yakkanti

United Scientific Group

Scientific SessionsTraditional Medicine & Phytochemistry and Medicinal Plants

Traditional Medicine

 Theories and Fundamentals of Traditional Medicine

 Traditional Medicine: Clinical and Research Studies

 Traditional Medicine: Efficacy and Safety Parameters

 Chinese, Japanese and Korean Traditional Medicine

 Future of Traditional Medicine

 Ayurveda, Siddha and Yoga

 Homeopathy: Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics

 Holistic and Unani Medicine

 Alternative Medicine, Integrative and Complementary Medicine

Phytochemistry and Medicinal Plants

 Extraction, Isolation and Structural Elucidation of Bioactive Components

 Metabolomics approach in Phytochemistry and Medicinal Plants Research

 Advanced Analytical Techniques for Phytochemicals

 Phytochemical Purification

 Identification and Classification of Medicinal Plants

 Cultivation, Conservation and Propagation of Medicinal Plants

 Phytochemical Studies of Medicinal Plants

 Toxicology Studies of Plant Products

 Pharmacognosy and Naturopathic Medicine

 Crude Drugs and Plant Products

 Quality Control and Marketing of Herbal Products

 Essential Oils and Aromatic Plants


  • Vidhu Aeri

    Jamia Hamdard Deemed University, India

    The conference was well organized by your team in terms of selection of speakers.

  • Sabine Zeitler

    Societas Medicinae Sinensis, Germany

    I really appreciated meeting all the other speakers and researchers. I also enjoyed to hear about their interesting presentations.

  • Nadir Sidiqi

    BioNatural Healing College, USA

    It was my pleasure to meet you as well as other colleagues. Thank you very much for all the efforts and hard work on this great event. I thought to share this issue other than a wonderful time, and I enjoyed a lot.

  • Karin Buchart

    University of Salzburg, Austria

    Thank you very much for the great Conference in Narita!

  • Tanawan Kummalue

    Mahidol University, Thailand

    I am also very happy to seeing you and the researchers in TMedPM-2018 and hope we will have chance to seeing each other again in the next conference.

  • Wei Yi

    Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

    Thank you for all hard works for the meeting we learn much from it.

  • Anh N.H. Nguyen

    University of Adelaide, Australia

    It is such an honour to participate at the TMedPM conference where we experienced a lot of advance findings in the area of medicinal plants. I would like to thank all the organizers who had spent uncountable time to make delegates satisfied and willing to participate in next conference organized by United Science Group next year.

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